Tap & Jazz - Kids

Tap & Jazz - Kids

Tap, Jazz & Modern kids dance costumes from A Wish Come True's Dance Value 2020 Range.

Fabulous value priced Tap, Jazz & Modern kids dance costumes for the 2020 season. Order early. Many styles are limited by fabric availability. Signature 360 degree look, same dependable fit and styling, just for a little less.
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Mi Gente

Laser dot sequin, solid spandex and hologram foil lycra shortall with attached peplum. Create an u..

£63.95 Ex Tax: £63.95

Move Your Body

Paillette sequin mesh tunic with rhinestone mesh yoke over attached spandex shortall. This jazz da..

£68.95 Ex Tax: £68.95

My Generation

Checkered and flat foil lycra dress over attached spandex hot pants. Zipper pants. Complete this v..

£66.95 Ex Tax: £66.95

Name In Lights

Lined hologram sequin spandex, mesh and velvet shortall with hologram foil spandex waistband. Attach..

£75.95 Ex Tax: £75.95

On A Hill

Lined multicolour paillette sequin and solid spandex shortall with sequin belt and attached sequin t..

£75.95 Ex Tax: £75.95

On A Hill - Guy Top

Create the perfect performance with this guys dance costume. Lined multcolor paillette sequin span..

£68.95 Ex Tax: £68.95

Only Getting Better

Lined sequin pattern mesh and foil lycra leotard with sequin waistband and satin back bow. Attached ..

£84.95 Ex Tax: £84.95

Party Rock

Paillette sequin and solid spandex shortall with hologram spandex insets and attached metallic fri..

£68.95 Ex Tax: £68.95

Rhythm Rhyme

Glitter velvet and lined foil lace shortall with peplum and sequin trim. Attached sequin trimmed org..

£91.95 Ex Tax: £91.95

Rich & Famous - Fringe Skirt

Metallic fringe skirt with spandex waistband and attached flower. Sold Separately: V2161 'Rich &..

£29.95 Ex Tax: £29.95

Rich & Famous - Leotard

Lined multicolor sequin mesh and spandex leotard with glitter knit insets. Finish this all in one ..

£63.95 Ex Tax: £63.95

Rich & Famous - Tutu Skirt

Sequin tulle and organza tutu with velvet waistband. Sold Separately: V2161 'Rich & Famous - Leo..

£29.95 Ex Tax: £29.95


Foil print spandex, flat foil lycra and glitter fishnet capri unitard with attached lettuce edged or..

£86.95 Ex Tax: £86.95

Rubber Ducky

Lined sequin rosette mesh bodice with foil lycra back. Attached sequin trim organza tutu over leot..

£56.95 Ex Tax: £56.95

Rumble In The Jungle

Lined glitter flocked mesh, foil lycra and velvet shortall with ruffles and attached lettuce edged o..

£84.95 Ex Tax: £84.95


Lined paillette sequin mesh and flat foil lycra leotard with attached sequin trimmed organza tutu.In..

£68.95 Ex Tax: £68.95

Shimmer And Shine - Fringe Skirt

Metallic fringe skirt with sequin waistband. Compliments the Shimmer & Shine Leotard, see relate..

£38.95 Ex Tax: £38.95

Shimmer And Shine - Leotard

Sequin floral lace and spandex leotard with flat foil lycra lining. Pair with fringe or tutu skirt t..

£50.95 Ex Tax: £50.95

Shimmer And Shine - Tutu Skirt

Sequin trimmed tulle tutu with flat foil lycra waistband and attached flower. Compliments the Shimme..

£34.95 Ex Tax: £34.95

Shine So Bright

Lined sequin star print, sequin and solid spandex shortall with fishnet yoke and topskirt. Attached ..

£79.95 Ex Tax: £79.95