Dance Value 2020

Dance Value 2020

Dance Value 2020 - By A Wish Come True.

Shop A Wish Come True's Dance Value Collection for high quality, reliable and affordable dance costumes. Find costumes for every genre, including contemporary costumes, lyrical costumes, ballet costumes, jazz costumes, the most showstopping kids costumes and more.  100% American made, signature 360 degree look, dependable fit and styling. Always 100% American Made.

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Lined glitter scallop sequin mesh and creased spandex dress with foil lycra trim. Attached spandex l..

£82.95 Ex Tax: £82.95

Welcome To The Sixties

Print and clear dot spandex dress over attached leotard. Keyhole back. Print placement may vary.Incl..

£63.95 Ex Tax: £63.95

What Happened

Lined square sequin spandex bodice with foil lycra trim and attached bow. Sequin trim tutu over atta..

£52.95 Ex Tax: £52.95

What You Need

Foil animal print, sequin and solid spandex shortall with hologram foil lycra trim. Attached tulle a..

£59.95 Ex Tax: £59.95

When You Got It

Striped spandex and velvet shortall with sequin spandex inset and attached sequin bow on pin. Line..

£68.95 Ex Tax: £68.95

Wild Side

Foil snakeskin print, solid spandex and fishnet tunic. Spandex hot pants with foil snakeskin print s..

£68.95 Ex Tax: £68.95


Lined sequin spandex and satin leotard with foil Lycra trim and attached bow. Attached tulle tutu.In..

£86.95 Ex Tax: £86.95


Lined sequin floral pattern, solid mesh and spandex leotard with attached flower. Attached sequin tr..

£98.95 Ex Tax: £98.95

World Above

Foil print, sequin and solid spandex dress with mesh yoke over attached leotard. Attached tulle and ..

£91.95 Ex Tax: £91.95

Yankee Doodle

Lined sequin pattern mesh and velvet shortall with foil lycra waistband and satin collar, sequin bow..

£84.95 Ex Tax: £84.95

You Are My Sunshine

Lined sequin lace and spandex leotard with attached flower on bow. Attached sequin trimmed tulle tut..

£86.95 Ex Tax: £86.95

You Don't Know

Complete your performance with this lyrical dance costume. Lined sequin lace leotard with mesh yok..

£86.95 Ex Tax: £86.95

You're the One

Lined sequin mesh top with striped trim and cold shoulders. French terry joggers with pockets, draws..

£114.95 Ex Tax: £114.95