Dance Values 2017-18

Dance Values 2017-18

Dance Values 2017-18 - By A Wish Come True.

Shop A Wish Come True's Dance Value Collection for high quality, reliable and affordable dance costumes. Find costumes for every genre, including contemporary costumes, lyrical costumes, ballet costumes, jazz costumes, the most showstopping kids costumes and more.  100% American made, signature 360 degree look, dependable fit and styling. Always 100% American Made.

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Kiss The Girl

Lined large paillette sequin mesh and spandex dress with organza tutu over attached leotard. Spandex..

£109.95 Ex Tax: £109.95

Knee Pads - Dance Costume Accessory

Stretch denim knee pads with foam padding. Compliments: Don't Care About Us - see related products..

£16.95 Ex Tax: £16.95

Knit Hat

Knit beanie with short visor...

£15.55 Ex Tax: £12.96

Knock On Your Door

Lined varsity sequin, solid spandex and foil lycra leotard. Attached organza tutu with monofilament ..

£83.95 Ex Tax: £83.95


Sequin tie-dye spandex tunic over spandex shortall. Lined sequin spandex inset.Included : Hair scarf..

£52.95 Ex Tax: £52.95

Lavenders Blue

Lined iridescent sequin lace and spandex leotard with sequin trim and adjustable straps. Attached fr..

£83.95 Ex Tax: £83.95

Lay De O

Glitter and foil polka dot spandex leotard with foil lycra inset and front belt with buckle. Attache..

£83.95 Ex Tax: £83.95

Lay De O - Guy Shirt

Glitter and foil polka dot spandex guy shirt with foil lycra insets.Also Available: Matching, V1991 ..

£71.95 Ex Tax: £71.95

Leather Look - Lycra Boot Covers

Leather-look lycra boot covers.  ..

£23.95 Ex Tax: £23.95

Let's Be Bad

Lined sequin foil lace, sequin dot and solid velvet leotard with attached adjustable straps and sati..

£88.95 Ex Tax: £88.95

Let's Misbehave

Lined glitter knit, fishnet and velvet shortall. Foil lycra waistband, tulle side bustle and attache..

£52.95 Ex Tax: £52.95

Let's Twist

Lined mini spotlight sequin and solid spandex shortall with attached sequin fringe skirt and boa tri..

£90.95 Ex Tax: £90.95

Lilacs - Ballet Tutu

Glitter velvet leotard with sequin dot ombre lace lined front inset and adjustable straps. Attache..

£59.95 Ex Tax: £59.95

Little Tappy Chick

Holo foil dot spandex leotard with foil lycra inset, organza ruffles and sequin trim. Attached feath..

£78.95 Ex Tax: £78.95


Sequin lace with rosettes over sequin dot lycra and spandex shortall. Sequin trim and mesh yoke. Att..

£85.95 Ex Tax: £85.95

Loop De Loop

Foil print lycra bodice with attached three tier sequin trim organza tutu over spandex leotard. At..

£59.95 Ex Tax: £59.95


Velvet and polka dot satin dress with polka dot mesh sleeves and horsehair hem over attached spandex..

£107.95 Ex Tax: £107.95


Lined mesh dress with sequin appliqués over attached spandex leotard. Attached adjustable straps. In..

£95.95 Ex Tax: £95.95

Make 'Em Laugh

Polka dot and solid spandex dress over attached hot pants with sequin trimmed organza tutu. Attached..

£83.95 Ex Tax: £83.95

Make 'Em Laugh - Socks

Cotton SocksPair With : Make 'Em Laugh costume - see related products below..

£14.95 Ex Tax: £14.95