Ballet, Lyrical & Contemporary

Ballet, Lyrical & Contemporary
Ballet & Lyrical dance costumes. Tutu's, Lyrical Dress, Leotard's and much much more
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1000 Years

Lined mini sequin mesh and foil slinky leotard with attached bow. Attached tulle with monofila..

£72.95 Ex Tax: £72.95


Glitter velvet and spandex leotard with peplum, fringe epaulettes and attached buttons and buckle...

£97.95 Ex Tax: £97.95

A Million Dreams

Your dancers will stand out in this sweet and simple dance costume. Foil stretch lace over spandex ..

£82.95 Ex Tax: £82.95

Ain't She Sweet

Your dancers will look like a bouquet of flowers with this ballet dance costume. Spandex and mesh l..

£72.95 Ex Tax: £72.95

Already Home

Crushed velvet and mesh dress with rhinestoned cuffs over attached spandex leotard. Attached rhine..

£95.95 Ex Tax: £95.95

Anything's Possible

Velvet and spandex leotard with embroidered floral mesh front inset and peplum. Attached sequin tri..

£97.95 Ex Tax: £97.95

Anywhere I Wander

Mini sequin floral lace and spandex leotard with attached sequin trim and flower. Attached lettuce..

£75.95 Ex Tax: £75.95

Aura Lee

Sequin dot velvet skirted bodice with lined taffeta mesh front inset and sequin trim. Attached ribb..

£82.95 Ex Tax: £82.95

Be Alright - Backskirt

Mesh backskirt on velvet waistband. Made in the USA. Pair with the "Be Alright" costume to complete..

£36.95 Ex Tax: £36.95

Be Alright - Shortall

Lined sequin lace and velvet shortall with mesh insets. Complete this lyrical dance costume with a..

£69.95 Ex Tax: £69.95

Be True

Create a memorable performance with this ballet dance costume. Lined sequin, solid spandex and..

£77.95 Ex Tax: £77.95

Beautiful Baby

Stand out with this beautiful ballet dance costume. Eyelet floral lace and foil lycra leotard ..

£72.95 Ex Tax: £72.95

Because Of You

Lined filigree sequin mesh and chiffon dress with shimmer slinky waistband and attached spandex le..

£71.95 Ex Tax: £71.95

Becoming Me

Glitter slinky and spandex crop top with mesh yoke. Spandex hot pants with attached glitter slinky..

£56.95 Ex Tax: £56.95

Bella Notte

Stand out with this ballet dance costume. Glitter velvet and embroidered floral mesh bodice with s..

£99.95 Ex Tax: £99.95

Blue Skies

This contemporary dance costume will make sure stand out amongst the competition. Ombre mesh over ..

£90.95 Ex Tax: £90.95


Your dancers will look sweet as can be in this ballet dance costume. Velvet and lined sequin l..

£80.95 Ex Tax: £80.95

Brahms - Romantic

Your dancers will look beautiful in this ballet dance costume. Lined embroidered swiss dot mes..

£80.95 Ex Tax: £80.95

Brahms - Short

Be beautiful in this kids ballet dance costume. Lined embroidered swiss dot mesh and spandex l..

£72.95 Ex Tax: £72.95

Can You Hear Me

Velvet and lined hologram sequin mesh shortall with glossy spandex backskirt. Stand out with this ..

£75.95 Ex Tax: £75.95