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Boys and mens dance costumes, tops, pants and full costumes covering all dance genre's
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I Love It - Boys/Mens Shirt

Lined paillette sequin mesh shirt with stretch vinyl collar and trim. Sold Separately: Pants - see r..

£89.95 Ex Tax: £89.95

I'm Out - Guy Jersey

Camo print knit and stretch denim jersey with snap button front closures. Add pants, sold separate..

£55.95 Ex Tax: £55.95

Imma Be - Boys/Mens Top

Distressed camo knit t-shirt. Complete this army hip hop dance costume with pants, sold separately. ..

£37.95 Ex Tax: £37.95

Issues - Guy Pants

French terry shorts with athletic trim.Sold Separately: Shirt - see related products below. ..

£32.95 Ex Tax: £32.95

Issues - Guy Shirt

Foil graffiti print spandex shirt.Sold Separately: Pants - see related products below. Also Availab..

£34.95 Ex Tax: £34.95

It's Tricky - Boys/Mens Pants

French terry pants with foil print knit side stripes. Hip hop, street dance men's dance pants.Sold S..

£55.95 Ex Tax: £55.95

Jailhouse Rock - Boys/Mens Top

Sequin dot striped lycra pullover top with attached sequin appliqué. Included: Hat Sold Separately: ..

£46.95 Ex Tax: £46.95

Jolly Holiday - Boys/Mens Shirt

Striped and solid spandex pullover top. Attached sequin applique and trim. Included: Hat.Sold Separa..

£62.95 Ex Tax: £62.95

Jump - Boys/Mens Pants

Ponte knit pants. Front fly with snap and zipper closure. ..

£63.95 Ex Tax: £63.95

Jump - Shirt

Spandex collared shirt with snap button front. Collar and sleeves remain black. Men's performance da..

£62.95 Ex Tax: £62.95

Jungle Rhythm - Guy Shirt

Complete your performance with this guys dance costume. Spandex and striped paillette sequin mesh ..

£37.95 Ex Tax: £37.95

Kingdom Fall - Guys Tank Top

Sequin scroll Guy's Tank Top.Compliments: S217 - Kingdom Fall..

£58.95 Ex Tax: £58.95

Marshmallow World - Boy Top

Coordinate perfectly with your little girls with this boys dance costume. Foil scroll velvet and s..

£50.95 Ex Tax: £50.95

Matte Sequin Boys/Mens Shirt

Paillette sequin mesh over spandex shirt with foil lycra collar and cuffs. Men's performance dance s..

£91.95 Ex Tax: £91.95

Mouse Man

Lycra T-shirt with attached satin bow tie. Satin shorts with attached sequin suspenders and large bu..

£63.95 Ex Tax: £63.95

Multicolour Sequin Mesh - Guy Shirt

Paillette sequin mesh over spandex collared shirt. Complete your guys dance costume with pants, sold..

£60.95 Ex Tax: £60.95

My House - Guy

Stretch athletic mesh tank with foil lycra trim and attached glitter foil applique. Spandex basket..

£74.95 Ex Tax: £74.95

No Better Feeling - Guy Shirt

Complete your performance with this guys dance costume. Spandex and striped paillette sequin mesh ..

£39.95 Ex Tax: £39.95

On A Hill - Guy Top

Create the perfect performance with this guys dance costume. Lined multcolor paillette sequin span..

£68.95 Ex Tax: £68.95

On The Court - Guy

He shots, he scores with this basketball-inspired dance costume. Flat foil lycra tank top with fis..

£80.95 Ex Tax: £80.95