Historical Childrens Dress Up Costumes

An essential collection of historical dress up costumes ideal for school events and school plays to bring history to life
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Damask Duchess - Dress Up Costume

A sumptuous dress in soft creams and pinks with a pretty damask panel finished with ruffles, bows an..

£30.95 Ex Tax: £30.95

Damson Duchess - Dress Up Costume

A rich satin tiered skirt with full gathers topped with flower trims. The luxurious velvety bodice f..

£47.95 Ex Tax: £47.95

Floral Countess - Dress Up Costume

An elaborate historical dress with rose printed skirt, bold peplum detail and lace trimming. Finishe..

£47.95 Ex Tax: £47.95

Marie Antoinette - Dress Up Costume

Exquisite cerise gown with flower and bow trims, and ruffled ribbon adornment. Designed with bell st..

£33.95 Ex Tax: £33.95

Medieval Queen - Dress Up Costume

This regal gown in red velour has a sumptous golden glitter bodice print and is finished with gold f..

£37.95 Ex Tax: £37.95

Millie Maid - Dress Up Costume

Victorian Scullery Maid's long black dress with an integral full length apron and mop cap  ..

£29.95 Ex Tax: £29.95

Miss Isabella - Dress Up Costume

Victorian lady hooped gown in burgundy satin and velour, long sleeved with cream lace cuffs,neck det..

£33.95 Ex Tax: £33.95

Tudor Girl - Dress Up Costume

A powder blue Tudor gown with beautiful gold jacquard embellishment. Tudor head-dress with veil is i..

£34.95 Ex Tax: £34.95

Ursula Urchin - Dress Up Costume

Victorian urchin girl smock style dress with integral apron and mop cap..

£28.95 Ex Tax: £28.95