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Action - Dress

Foil lycra and sequin spandex dress with solid spandex insets over attached hot pants. Lined bodic..

£93.95 Ex Tax: £93.95

Action - Mitts

Sequin and solid spandex mitts. Compliments: Action Dress & Shortall as shown below in related ..

£23.95 Ex Tax: £23.95

Action - Shortall

Foil lycra and sequin spandex shortall with solid spandex insets. Fully lined. Applique sold separ..

£82.95 Ex Tax: £82.95

All That I Am

Lined multicolor matte sequin mesh and spandex leotard with attached adjustable straps. Attached chi..

£64.95 Ex Tax: £64.95

All That Jazz

Lined paillette sequin mesh and flat foil lycra shortall with zipper front. Flat foil lycra bra top ..

£68.95 Ex Tax: £68.95

American Pride - Fringe Skirt

Sequin and solid sequin fringe skirt with elastic waistband. 3 in 1 Dance CostumeSold Separately: Le..

£27.95 Ex Tax: £27.95

American Pride - Leotard

Lined varsity sequin spandex and foil lycra leotard with ribbon trimmed organza ruffle. Attached s..

£51.95 Ex Tax: £51.95

American Pride - Tutu Skirt

Glitter sequin tulle and organza tutu with attached stars and elastic waistband. 3 in 1 Dance Costum..

£24.95 Ex Tax: £24.95

Anywhere I Wander

Mini sequin floral lace and spandex leotard with attached sequin trim and flower. Attached lettuce..

£85.95 Ex Tax: £85.95


Spotlight sequin spandex and mesh dress with foil lycra trim and zipper back. Attached spandex sho..

£98.95 Ex Tax: £98.95


Sequin spandex, sequin dot mesh and foil lycra shortall with attached sequin fringe skirt.Included: ..

£125.95 Ex Tax: £125.95

Attitude - Dress

Solid and lined sequin spandex team dress over attached hot pants. Attached belt with O-ring. Appl..

£85.95 Ex Tax: £85.95

Attitude - Shortall

Solid and lined sequin spandex dance team shortall and attached belt with O-ring. Applique and hai..

£69.95 Ex Tax: £69.95

Ay Caramba

Floral print spandex and sequin dot lycra shortall with sequin waistband. Attached sequin tulle and ..

£80.95 Ex Tax: £80.95

Baby Mine

Lined glitter floral mesh front bodice and spandex leotard with attached sequin trimmed organza tutu..

£68.95 Ex Tax: £68.95

Be The One - Top

Iridescent sequin spandex and flat foil lycra top over hologram foil lycra bra top. Lace up racerb..

£63.95 Ex Tax: £63.95

Because I Can Can

Sequin on stretch lace over attached foil lycra leotard with lace-up front. Attached lace trim and t..

£120.95 Ex Tax: £120.95

Because Of You

Lined filigree sequin mesh and chiffon dress with shimmer slinky waistband and attached spandex le..

£80.95 Ex Tax: £80.95

Being Green

Sequin dot lycra leotard with sequin lurex knit trim. Attached bow on front belt and topskirt over o..

£79.95 Ex Tax: £79.95

Being Green - Mitts

Sequin dot lycra mitts with organza ruffle trim. Compliments: 'Being Green' costume - see related pr..

£13.95 Ex Tax: £13.95