Tweens & Teens

Tweens & Teens

Age appropriate performance Tap & Jazz dance costumes, aimed specifically at Teens & Adults  from A Wish Come True's Dance 2019 Range.

Star quality - when you see it you know, dance artistry and sparkle in a class all it's own - it's 'A Wish Come True.' 100% American-made dance costumes with the most dependable fit and exceptional customer service in the industry. Dance costumes for shows, performances and competition for every age & every size. And Always 100% American Made.
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Stand out with this contemporary dance costume. Velvet and sequin spandex unitard. Lined front bodic..

£82.95 Ex Tax: £82.95


Sequin spandex, sequin dot mesh and foil lycra shortall with attached sequin fringe skirt.Included: ..

£125.95 Ex Tax: £125.95

Black And Gold

Shine on stage with this jazz dance costume. Geometric sequin mesh crop top over attached velvet a..

£74.95 Ex Tax: £74.95

Bound To You

Lined wavy sequin, solid mesh and foil lycra bodice with attached heart buckle. Attached chiffon s..

£79.95 Ex Tax: £79.95

Brand New

Create an unforgettable performance with this jazz dance costume. Multicolor sequin mesh and foil ..

£65.95 Ex Tax: £65.95

Breakin Dishes

Multicolor sequin mesh dress with jewel and bow over foil lycra lining. Attached spandex hot pants..

£74.95 Ex Tax: £74.95

C'mon Everybody

Lined hologram sequin spandex and satin dress with mesh yoke, foil lycra waistband and collar. Attac..

£77.95 Ex Tax: £77.95

C'mon Everybody - Boys/Mens - Dance Shirt

Lined hologram sequin spandex and foil lycra collared shirt.Aslo Available: Matching Girls Costume...

£63.95 Ex Tax: £63.95

Chasing Storms

Shine on stage with this contemporary dance costume. Sequin lace and foil lycra shortall. Lined bust..

£96.95 Ex Tax: £96.95

Crush On You

Matte spandex, faux leather and flip sequin mesh dress with zipper front and rhinestone buckle. At..

£96.95 Ex Tax: £96.95


Stand out with this contemporary dance costume. Lined diamond pattern sequin mesh and velvet long ..

£74.95 Ex Tax: £74.95


Faux leather leotard with hologram foil lycra insets.Hologram sequin mesh on foam collar and cap sle..

£94.95 Ex Tax: £94.95

Don't - Back Tutu

Back tutu with velcro closure.  Compliments: 'Don't' Costume - see related products below. &nb..

£29.95 Ex Tax: £29.95


Sequin mesh tunic with attached metallic fringe over flat foil lycra shortall.Included: Sequin bow b..

£77.95 Ex Tax: £77.95


Velvet, glitter sequin and solid mesh shortall.  Jazz,tap, performance dance costumeIncluded: H..

£63.95 Ex Tax: £63.95

Free - Backskirt

Foil slinky backskirt. Sold Separately: Free Shortall - see related products below...

£37.95 Ex Tax: £37.95


Hologram sequin, solid spandex and sequin dot velvet leotard with attached sequin fringe skirt. Mi..

£96.95 Ex Tax: £96.95

Good For You

Stand out with this jazz dance costume. Metallic sequin dress with mesh yoke and side slits over att..

£84.95 Ex Tax: £84.95


Lined cluster sequin and solid spandex skirted shortall with foil lycra waistband and attached bow..

£74.95 Ex Tax: £74.95

Hello - Tutu Skirt

Lettuce edged tulle tutu on elastic waistband. Lettuce edged tulle tutu on elastic waistband. Compli..

£13.95 Ex Tax: £13.95