Accessories & Appliques

Accessories & Appliques
Accessories to accompany Team/Cheer costumes. We also provide appliques to spell it out in sparkle! Choose from a variety of custom lettering options, including glitter and rhinestud custom appliques. Perfect for your school's dance or drill team. We also offer Sublimate Printing on indicated styles, Appliques and embroidery can be viewed in the catalogue, or or further information, please contact us.
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10 Inch Flash Court Pom

Coloured plastic and silver metallic flash poms, perfect for performing on the basketball court. S..

£27.35 Ex Tax: £22.79

11mm Round Earrings

Real hologram rhinestone 11mm round earrings.Available in pierced only. Not recommended for children..

£12.95 Ex Tax: £10.79

12 Inch Flash Court Pom

Coloured plastic and silver metallic flash poms. Sold in singles, not pairs. Minimum order 8 poms...

£27.35 Ex Tax: £22.79

15mm Gemstone Round Earrings

15mm round earrings. Color gemstone earrings will will add an extra sparkle to your look.Availa..

£15.55 Ex Tax: £12.96

20mm Round Earrings

Hologram round 20mm earrings add the perfect amount of sparkle to your dance costume.Available in ei..

£17.95 Ex Tax: £14.96

Baseball Cap

Cotton baseball cap with adjustable back closure...

£12.95 Ex Tax: £10.79

Cowgirl Hat

Red felt cowgirl hat with sequin trim...

£21.95 Ex Tax: £18.29

Crystal 15mm Round

Holographic/Cyrstal 15mm round earrings. Available in either pierced or clip-on...

£15.55 Ex Tax: £12.96

Double Row Rhinestone Headband

Double row rhinestone headband. * Real rhinestone jewelry not intended for children under 12 years. ..

£15.55 Ex Tax: £12.96

Dryfit - Headband

Moisture-wicking dryfit headband. Applique sold separarely. Dance team accessory made in the USA. S..

£17.95 Ex Tax: £14.96

Felt Cowboy Hat

Felt cowgirl hat. Compliments: a wide range of costumes, see related product links below...

£20.95 Ex Tax: £20.95

Foil Metallic Court Pom

Foil Metallic Poms. Sold in singles, not pairs. Minimum order 8 poms. 5 inch strands, 10 inch overal..

£35.95 Ex Tax: £29.96

Foil Metallic Field Pom

Foil Metallic Poms. Sold in singles, not pairs. Minimum order 8 poms. 6 inch strands, 12 inch overal..

£35.95 Ex Tax: £29.96

Fringe Sequin Spandex Mitts

Sequin spandex pointed mitts with foil lycra trim and elastic loops.Compliments: 'Lone Star Dress' o..

£19.95 Ex Tax: £19.95

Intensity - Gauntlets

Mesh gauntlets with elastic loops.Compliments: Intensity Unitard.   Create Your Own - Minimum..

£11.95 Ex Tax: £11.95

Jewel Headband

 Faux rhinestone headband attached to elastic bands...

£17.95 Ex Tax: £14.96

Large Sequin Duffel Bag

Large sequin duffle bag with inside and outside pockets. Hook-and-loop top handles and detachable ..

£51.95 Ex Tax: £43.29

Legacy - Overlay

Varsity, small sequin and solid spandex overlay with satin lining and shoulder snap closure. Attache..

£80.95 Ex Tax: £80.95

Rhinestone Bobby Pins

Pair of rhinestone bobby pins, 2 inches in length. Rhinestone jewelry is not recommended for childre..

£10.96 Ex Tax: £9.13

Sequin Belt

Lined varsity sequin spandex belt with foil lycra trim and velcro closure. Create Your Own w..

£23.95 Ex Tax: £23.95