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Boys & Mens
Boys and mens dance costumes, tops, pants and full costumes covering all dance genre's
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Faux Leather - Shirt

Matte spandex and faux leather shirt with lined flip sequin mesh inset. Complete this guys dance ..

£48.95 Ex Tax: £48.95

First Flight - Guys Shirt

Spandex shirt with foil mesh sleeves. Pants sold separately. Optional: 17638 - Jump guy pants, see r..

£32.95 Ex Tax: £32.95

Foil Lycra Tank

Foil lycra pullover tank top. Add pants, sold separately to complete this guy dance costume. See rel..

£32.95 Ex Tax: £32.95

French Terry & Foil Stripe Joggers

French terry pants with foil lycra side stripes.Can be paired with various guys costume tops to com..

£42.95 Ex Tax: £42.95

Friend Medley - Boys Tank

Your boys will stand out with this dance costume. Lined rainbow flip sequin mesh sleeveless tan..

£43.95 Ex Tax: £43.95

From Now On

Life is a circus with this Greatest Showman dance costume. Velvet and foil lycra jumpsuit with hol..

£126.95 Ex Tax: £126.95

Give Up The Funk - Boys Top

Stand out with this guys dance shirt. Multicolor leopard print and solid spandex short sleeve top ..

£40.95 Ex Tax: £40.95

Godzilla - Guy Top

Stand out with this hip hop dance costume. French terry and foil snake print spandex with foil lycr..

£56.95 Ex Tax: £56.95

Gonna Fly Now - Guy

Spandex tank with flat foil lycra trim and champion applique. Shiny nylon shorts with leopard flat ..

£72.95 Ex Tax: £72.95

Good Enough - Guy Top

Mosaic and solid spandex top.Optional: 13182 Denim guy pants - see related products.Also Available: ..

£45.95 Ex Tax: £45.95

Great Balls Of Fire - Boy

Sequin dot lycra shirt with separate flat foil lycra and sequin dot lycra pants with attached susp..

£64.95 Ex Tax: £64.95

Guy Skinny Pants

Spandex skinny leg pants. Made in the USA. Compliments a range of guys costume tops. ..

£43.95 Ex Tax: £43.95

Guy's Vested Shirt

Sequin dot velvet and spandex split collar pullover top.Compliments a range of our girls costumes.&..

£35.95 Ex Tax: £35.95

Guys Spandex Crop Pants

Black Spandex 3/4 length crop pantsCompliments: 12747 Talking Drums Guys Top & 20597&..

£40.95 Ex Tax: £40.95

Guys Spandex Tank Top

Spandex pullover tank top. Pants, sold separately, complete this guys dance costume. See related pro..

£27.95 Ex Tax: £27.95

Guys Vested Shirt

Sequin dot lycra and solid spandex pullover shirt with attached faux buttons. Compliments our Chris..

£45.95 Ex Tax: £45.95

High Top Shoes - Guy Top

French terry hooded top with flip sequin spandex front pocket and foil lycra trim. Hat and pants s..

£56.95 Ex Tax: £56.95

Hit By Lightning - Guy Pants

French terry sweatpants with print spandex side stripes. Optional: 545G 'Hit By Lightning Top' - see..

£66.95 Ex Tax: £66.95

Hogwarts - Guy

You'll look magical in this Harry Potty dance costume. Spandex long sleeve unitard with attached fa..

£118.95 Ex Tax: £118.95

How Sweet It Is - Boys Top

Complete this performance with this boys dance costume. Spandex collared shirt with lined multicolo..

£51.95 Ex Tax: £51.95