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Boys and mens dance costumes, tops, pants and full costumes covering all dance genre's
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Santa Shuffle - Boys Shirt

Lined flip sequin spandex and foil lycra collared shirt. Optional: 849 - Plain Fronted Guys Pants.&n..

£59.95 Ex Tax: £59.95

Sassy Style - Guys Shirt

Lined striped mesh and spandex collared button down shirt. Unlined sleeves. Complete this guys ..

£54.95 Ex Tax: £54.95

Sequin Dot Velvet Top

Complete your dance recital with the perfect Guys - Sequin dot stretch velvet and spandex pullover t..

£42.95 Ex Tax: £42.95

Sequin Placket Shirt

Lined hologram sequin and solid spandex pullover shirt. Add pants to complete this guys dance costum..

£85.95 Ex Tax: £85.95

Sequin Tie & Shirt

Spandex pullover shirt with attached coordinating sequin tie on bar pins.Complete this guys dance co..

£39.95 Ex Tax: £39.95

Sequin Vest - Boys Shirt

Lined elite sequin and solid spandex vested shirt with attached bow tie and sequin buttons. Pants,..

£59.95 Ex Tax: £59.95

Short Sleeve Flat Foil Shirt

Flat foil lycra split collar pullover short sleeve shirt. Complete your guys dance costume with pant..

£37.95 Ex Tax: £37.95

Short Sleeve Tee

Spandex pullover short sleeve top. Complete this guys dance costume with pants, sold separately. See..

£30.95 Ex Tax: £30.95

Skinny Spandex Pants

Guys - Spandex skinny leg pants.Compliments a range of Guys costumes across various genre's..

£42.95 Ex Tax: £42.95

Sleeveless Flat Foil Shirt

Guy's - Flat foil lycra split collar pullover sleeveless shirt. Complete your guys dance costume wit..

£34.95 Ex Tax: £34.95

Sleeveless Modern Top

Creased spandex top. Pant, sold separately, complete this guys dance costume. See related products.C..

£30.95 Ex Tax: £30.95

Slivers - Guy Top

Faux leather, flip sequin spandex and matte lamé shirt. Complete this hip hop dance costume with pan..

£61.95 Ex Tax: £61.95

Spacelab - Guy Top

Lined iridescent sequin star spandex shirt with fishnet sleeves and flat foil lycra trim. Pants..

£75.95 Ex Tax: £75.95

Speed Racer - Boys

Print and sequin dot lycra shirt. Pants are sold separately, see related products.Included: Hat and ..

£66.95 Ex Tax: £66.95

Split Collar Sequin Top

Guys sequin dot lycra split collar shirt. Optional: 17638 - Mid Weight Ponte Knit Pants Complim..

£34.95 Ex Tax: £34.95

Stretch Denim - Capri Pants

Boys stretch denim capri pants.Compliments: 16179G Choo Choo Top - sold separately, see related prod..

£22.95 Ex Tax: £22.95

Stretch Satin Shirt

Guy's - Stretch satin snap front collared long sleeve shirt. Suspenders and pants, sold separately, ..

£51.95 Ex Tax: £51.95

Take Over - Guy Joggers

Guys -Terry and Mesh Joggers.Compliments: 20464 - Take Over Guys Top, see related products. ..

£51.95 Ex Tax: £51.95

Take Over - Guy Top

Multicolor foil fishnet over flat foil lycra top with spandex sleeves. Complete this guys dance..

£51.95 Ex Tax: £51.95

Talking Drums - Boys/Mens Top

Metallic velvet and spandex pullover top with print mesh over foil lycra front inset. Complete ..

£68.95 Ex Tax: £68.95