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Boys and mens dance costumes, tops, pants and full costumes covering all dance genre's
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Taps - Guy

Spandex jumpsuit with front pockets, foil lycra trim. Attached belt buckle, tie pockets and appliq..

£112.95 Ex Tax: £112.95

Terry & Foil - Joggers

Guy's - French terry hip hop pants with flat foil lycra insets and front pockets. ..

£46.95 Ex Tax: £46.95

Terry & Lame Pants

French terry pants with matte lame side stripes.Compliments: 20406 Silvers Guy Top, see related prod..

£49.95 Ex Tax: £49.95

Three Wishes

Sequin swirl velvet and spandex unitard with foil lycra trim. Zipper back. Create magic with th..

£85.95 Ex Tax: £85.95

Tiki Room - Boys Shirt

Floral print spandex collared shirt. Complete this guys dance costume with pants, sold separately. O..

£40.95 Ex Tax: £40.95

Tinseltown - Guy Top

Striped and solid spandex collared shirt with sequin trim. Pair this costume perfectly with our Ti..

£42.95 Ex Tax: £42.95

Truth Hurts - Guy Vest

Foil lycra and lined zebra flip sequin vest with spandex trim, front pockets and front zipper. ..

£73.95 Ex Tax: £73.95

Twist And Shout - Guy Shirt

Spandex collared shirt with removable foil striped polka dot spandex tie. Pants sold separately, see..

£37.95 Ex Tax: £37.95

Under The Sea - Boys Top

Glitter tie-dye print pullover top. Tie-dye may vary. Complete this fish guys dance costume with pan..

£35.95 Ex Tax: £35.95

Uptown Funk - Guy

Rainbow striped spandex shirt with foil lycra trim. Stretch denim shorts included.Related: 656 - Upt..

£84.95 Ex Tax: £84.95

V-Neck - Guy Shirt

Sequin dot foil lycra v-neck shirt. Pants sold separately. Optional: 849 - Plain Fronted Pants.Relat..

£42.95 Ex Tax: £42.95

Vai Vedrai - Guys Tank Top

Lined sequin scroll mesh and sequin spandex tank top. Pants sold separately, see related products.&n..

£58.95 Ex Tax: £58.95

Velour V-Neck Top

Complete your performance with this velvet V-neck pullover top. Compliments: 17638 Jump Pa..

£34.95 Ex Tax: £34.95

Velvet - Guy Pants

Stretch Velvet  plain front boys/mens pants. Compliments: A wide range of boys & men..

£46.95 Ex Tax: £46.95

Velvet Collared Shirt

Velvet collared shirt. Complete this guys dance costume with pants, sold separately. See related pro..

£37.95 Ex Tax: £37.95

Vested Shirt

Guy's - Sequin dot velvet and spandex split collar pullover top. Complete this guys dance costume wi..

£52.95 Ex Tax: £52.95

Vested Shirt

Guy's - Sequin dot and solid lycra pullover top. Attached faux buttons. Optional: 849 - Plain Fronte..

£47.95 Ex Tax: £47.95

We Belong Together - Boys Shirt

Sequin dot spandex collared shirt with attached cow print spandex vest. Attached sequin star and s..

£49.95 Ex Tax: £49.95

Winter Wonderland - Guy Shirt

Lined iridescent sequin mesh and spandex top with mock collar. Scarf and pants sold separately. Opti..

£51.95 Ex Tax: £51.95