Dance Value 2021

Dance Value 2021

Dance Value 2021 - By A Wish Come True.

Shop A Wish Come True's Dance Value Collection for high quality, reliable and affordable dance costumes. Find costumes for every genre, including contemporary costumes, lyrical costumes, ballet costumes, jazz costumes, the most showstopping kids costumes and more.  100% American made, signature 360 degree look, dependable fit and styling. Always 100% American Made.

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42nd Street

Stand out in this tween dance costume. Sequin dot foil lycra leotard with tan mesh inset. Attached ..

£86.95 Ex Tax: £86.95

A Great Adventure

Lined paillette sequin mesh, spandex and flat foil lycra leotard with mesh yoke and attached beade..

£71.95 Ex Tax: £71.95

A Million Dreams

Your dancers will stand out in this sweet and simple dance costume. Foil stretch lace over spandex ..

£82.95 Ex Tax: £82.95

Ain't Misbehavin

Create a memorable performance with this tween dance costume. Spotlight paillette sequin spandex, v..

£88.95 Ex Tax: £88.95

Ain't Nothing Wrong

Shine on stage with this jazz dance costume. Lined embroidered sequin mesh, flat foil lycra and ve..

£75.95 Ex Tax: £75.95

Ain't She Sweet

Your dancers will look like a bouquet of flowers with this ballet dance costume. Spandex and mesh l..

£72.95 Ex Tax: £72.95

Ain't Your Mama

Stand out with this colorful jazz dance costume. Lined multicolor sequin mesh and flat foil lycra ..

£97.95 Ex Tax: £97.95

All I Am

Mini spotlight sequin spandex and flat foil lycra bodice with attached O-ring. Attached organza tut..

£90.95 Ex Tax: £90.95

Already Home

Crushed velvet and mesh dress with rhinestoned cuffs over attached spandex leotard. Attached rhine..

£95.95 Ex Tax: £95.95

Anything's Possible

Velvet and spandex leotard with embroidered floral mesh front inset and peplum. Attached sequin tri..

£97.95 Ex Tax: £97.95

Anywhere I Wander

Mini sequin floral lace and spandex leotard with attached sequin trim and flower. Attached lettuce..

£75.95 Ex Tax: £75.95

At The Bop

Polka dot, solid spandex and foil lycra leotard. Attached swiss dot mesh topskirt and ribbon trimme..

£97.95 Ex Tax: £97.95

At Your Feet

Dance at the ragtime with this dance costume. Checkered sequin velvet dress with mesh yoke and sequ..

£103.95 Ex Tax: £103.95

Aura Lee

Sequin dot velvet skirted bodice with lined taffeta mesh front inset and sequin trim. Attached ribb..

£82.95 Ex Tax: £82.95

Baby Swans

Your dancers will be as graceful as a swan. Crushed velvet leotard with attached organza tutu and r..

£60.95 Ex Tax: £60.95

Bad Man

Tie-dye dance print spandex and faux leather unitard with peplum and lined fishnet insets. Print ma..

£82.95 Ex Tax: £82.95

Bad Man - Boys Shirt

Tie-dye dance print spandex shirt with lined fishnet sleeves. Print may vary. Pants sold separately..

£43.95 Ex Tax: £43.95


Lined dangle sequin lace and flat foil lycra leotard with open back, attached fringe skirt and seq..

£95.95 Ex Tax: £95.95

Be Alright - Backskirt

Mesh backskirt on velvet waistband. Pair with the "Be Alright" costume to complete the costume..

£36.95 Ex Tax: £36.95

Be Alright - Shortall

Lined sequin lace and velvet shortall with mesh insets. Complete this lyrical dance costume with a..

£69.95 Ex Tax: £69.95

Be Happy

Shine on stage with this dance costume. Lined iridescent sequin and solid spandex leotard with atta..

£64.95 Ex Tax: £64.95

Be Happy - Boys Top

Your boys will stand out in this dance costume. Lined iridescent sequin spandex faux vest on spande..

£56.95 Ex Tax: £56.95

Beach Party

Polka dot spandex and sequin dot lycra leotard with attached bow and sequin trimmed organza ruffles..

£60.95 Ex Tax: £60.95

Because Of You

Lined filigree sequin mesh and chiffon dress with shimmer slinky waistband and attached spandex le..

£71.95 Ex Tax: £71.95

Becoming Me

Glitter slinky and spandex crop top with mesh yoke. Spandex hot pants with attached glitter slinky..

£56.95 Ex Tax: £56.95

Bella Notte

Stand out with this ballet dance costume. Glitter velvet and embroidered floral mesh bodice with s..

£99.95 Ex Tax: £99.95

Big Beat

Lined sequin leopard print and solid spandex leotard with attached bow and ombre fringe skirt. Stan..

£92.95 Ex Tax: £92.95

Big Time

Make a statement with this kids dance costume. Holo wave and solid spandes dress with sequin dot t..

£86.95 Ex Tax: £86.95

Bigger Isn't Better

Sequin dot velvet bodice with attached sequin waistband, bow and adjustable strap. Attached satin ..

£60.95 Ex Tax: £60.95

Blinding Lights

Sequin and solid spandex tank top with foil slinky hood. Foil slinky pants with spandex trim. Rock ..

£97.95 Ex Tax: £97.95