Dance Value 2021

Dance Value 2021

Dance Value 2021 - By A Wish Come True.

Shop A Wish Come True's Dance Value Collection for high quality, reliable and affordable dance costumes. Find costumes for every genre, including contemporary costumes, lyrical costumes, ballet costumes, jazz costumes, the most showstopping kids costumes and more.  100% American made, signature 360 degree look, dependable fit and styling. Always 100% American Made.

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Looby Loo

Lined sequin mesh, foil lycra and spandex leotard with attached peplum and flower. Attached sequin..

£60.95 Ex Tax: £60.95

Loop De Loop

Lined multicolor paillette sequin mesh, flat foil lycra and spandex leotard. Attached sequin trimme..

£71.95 Ex Tax: £71.95

Make It Pop

Your dancers will be pretty in pink in this dance costume. Hologram polka dot spandex and glitter s..

£71.95 Ex Tax: £71.95

Mambo Italiano

Put some sass in your step with this dance costume. Lined sequin and solid spandex leotard with la..

£92.95 Ex Tax: £92.95


Your dancer’s will look so elegant in this lyrical dance costume. Foil stretch lace and pleated ch..

£71.95 Ex Tax: £71.95

Me And My Girls

Lined paillette sequin mesh and sparkle spandex leotard with attached bow. Attached sequin trimmed ..

£90.95 Ex Tax: £90.95


Stretch floral lace, sequin swirl velvet and spandex leotard. Attached ribbon and gimp trim. Attac..

£86.95 Ex Tax: £86.95

Middle Child

You're sure to stand out with this dance costume. Plaid, clear dot spandex and mesh dress with zipp..

£92.95 Ex Tax: £92.95


Do the Charleston in this jazz dance costume. Sequin mesh dress with sequin fringe skirt over attac..

£61.95 Ex Tax: £61.95


Be unforgettable in this tween dance costume. Glitter print, sequin spandex and flat foil lycra sh..

£64.95 Ex Tax: £64.95

Most Girls

Shine with this tween dance costume. Square hologram and solid spandex skirted shortall with mesh ..

£71.95 Ex Tax: £71.95

Move Your Body

Paillette sequin mesh tunic with rhinestoned mesh yoke over attached spandex shortall.Included:&nbs..

£64.95 Ex Tax: £64.95

Music In Me

Print and solid spandex shortall with attached foil quilted topskirt. Attached glitter dot mesh an..

£86.95 Ex Tax: £86.95

My Feelings

Lined geometric iridescent sequin, solid mesh and velvet long sleeve shortall. Zipper back. Be mem..

£77.95 Ex Tax: £77.95

My Type

Create an unforgettable performance with this hip hop dance costume. Fishnet tunic over foil lycra ..

£90.95 Ex Tax: £90.95

Name In Lights

Lined hologram sequin spandex, mesh and velvet shortall with hologram foil spandex waistband. Attac..

£75.95 Ex Tax: £75.95


Create a great performance with this hip hop dance costume. Glitter flocked mesh and flat foil lyc..

£64.95 Ex Tax: £64.95

Near To You

Create a unique performance with this contemporary dance costume. Shimmer tie-dye lace and velvet ..

£66.95 Ex Tax: £66.95

Nerd Love

Foil plaid and solid spandex shortall with keyhole back. Attached sequin suspenders, faux buttons a..

£84.95 Ex Tax: £84.95

Never Fails

Sequin velvet and spandex leotard with glitter chiffon belt and attached chiffon skirt. Mess free ..

£54.95 Ex Tax: £54.95

New Rhythm

Create a memorable performance with this jazz dance costume. Lined pattern sequin mesh, velvet and ..

£77.95 Ex Tax: £77.95

New Soul

Stand out with this lyrical dance costume. Velvet leotard with mesh inset and high-low skirt. Atta..

£86.95 Ex Tax: £86.95

No Brainer

Lined sequin neon leopard and solid spandex leotard with attached sequin trimmed organza tutu. Stan..

£92.95 Ex Tax: £92.95

Off To The See The World

Stand out with this kids dance costume. Lined embroidered ribbon mesh, sequin dot and solid spandex..

£86.95 Ex Tax: £86.95

Oh What Wonders

Your dancers will be pretty as a petal in this dance costume. Velvet and spandex leotard with lace ..

£103.95 Ex Tax: £103.95

Oh Yes

Stand out with this tween dance costume. Foil striped and solid spandex skirted shortall with attac..

£99.95 Ex Tax: £99.95

On A Hill

Lined multicolor paillette sequin and solid spandex shortall with sequin belt and attached sequin ..

£71.95 Ex Tax: £71.95

On Chill

French terry and big hole mesh tunic with attached applique. Space dye dryfit hot pants. Stand out ..

£77.95 Ex Tax: £77.95

Once Upon A December

Embossed velvet and lined floral lace dress with braided trim and adjustable straps. Attached glit..

£53.95 Ex Tax: £53.95

Only Getting Better

Lined sequin pattern mesh and foil lycra leotard with sequin waistband and satin back bow. Attached..

£86.95 Ex Tax: £86.95